Sorceress for Hire

Freelance Sorcery at Reasonable Rates! Launching a magical career can be a challenge, even for a talented sorceress like Sinta, who—despite a naturally timid disposition—finds herself faced with spoiled rich clients, rampaging robbers, marauding pirates, and savage trolls (well, only the one, though it does have two heads). Alas, in the course of her adventures, Sinta unwittingly makes a dangerous enemy, a high-born magician with the power and cunning to disgrace and destroy her. How will this humble apothecary’s daughter escape his nefarious trap and bring the schemer to justice? Sorceress for Hire is Book Two in the diverting fantasy series Tales from Ondiran, but it is a free-standing novella. Reading Book One first will add depth but is in no way necessary! .......
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Formato Ebook
Editorial Archelaus
Autor(es) Sedigitus Swift
Idioma Ingles
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