Phillipon’s T-shirt

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Phillipon’s T-shirt A tale that teaches us to love and take care after ourselves. Phillipon is a very happy boy living with his parents in Coconut Island. One day he got a very special gift: a self-esteem t-shirt. In this adventure, Phillipon will teach girls and boys that maltreatment stains this t-shirt, but he’ll also show them that there will always be a grown-up willing to provide the help and protection they need, so their self-esteem t-shirt looks clean and shiny again. Phillipon’s T-shirt is a simple tale that helps children identify the different types of maltreatment, so they are able to recognize themselves as human beings deserving love, good treatment and respect.
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Formato Ebook
Editorial Self Published Ink
Autor(es) María del Rosario Alfaro Martínez
Idioma Ingles
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