The invisible Man and With Extra Exercises

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A carefully graded series of retold versions of popular classic and contemporary titles and specially written stories continue to grow and there are now over 170 titles in the series. Most titles are available with Audio CDs and most include accompanying exercises and glossaries. The Invisible Man is a classic story written by HG Wells and has been adapted for Pre-intermediate level readers. The story is about a mysterious stranger who arrives in a small English village, wearing clothes that cover his whole body, and even his face. The stranger turns out to be a scientist, but what is he trying to hide?
Más Información
Tipo Libro
Año 2014
Audiencia Juvenil
Categoría Enseñanza de Inglés
Temática ELT: Inglés para fines específicos
Idioma eng
Páginas 84
Autor(es) Wells, Herbert George
Editorial Macmillan
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